Peter Yankowski


Three years in the making, artist Peter Yankowski, from Oldham, immersed himself in timeless shamanic knowledge  - a time of visiting prehistoric sites, research, experimentation and discovery.

Peter has re-interpreted the symbolic petroglyphs and patterns which were central to tribal identity; an ancient form of today’s messaging. Over 13 large scale paintings in bright pigments of gouache, ink and special karstang coloured pencils, often inhabited by mystical creatures and planetary symbols.

‘I re-imagine ancient sites and artifacts decorated with colourful dots, a little like aboriginal Dreamtime art that may well have been visible all over our planet thousands of years ago. It is my firm belief via seeking, that our magical identity and the old ways of being creators are returning... ‘

Following his degree in photojournalism and fine art photography Peter also developed commitment to social and environmental work, being a lead artist in many public art projects in the North.