Ancestors awakening - The Journey North

This new Body of work is based around jouneys to the northern parts of the British Isles and starts off in Orkney


Return of the Eagle

Return of the Eagle

After a visit to Orkney as a research trip to gather images, visit ancient places and to get a feel of the couture. This is my first painting using symbolism and a sea eagle. Inspired by one of the most fascinating ancient archaeological sites located at South Ronaldsay cliffs.
The Isbister Chambered Cairn - better known today as the 'Tomb of the Eagles'. The tomb once held an amazing collection of human bones, many eagle talons, and artefacts, and is estimated to be about 3000 years old, although some of the artefacts in the tomb are dated to 5000 years old...
The Sea Eagle in many cultures is a totem that is closely related to males, the essence of water and hunting. Also, many thousands of years ago ancient ancestors may have gone through sky burials and picked clean by sea eagles, making a human spirit connection to the sea eagle.
Also in the tomb were around 100 ancient human sculls Clearly making this monument a significant tomb. In the visitor's centre, we got to hold some of the ancient artefacts’ and get a real sense of how it may have been during the Neolithic time on Orkney.
Visiting the tomb and looking over the cliff to sea instantly inspired me to start his painting first. As the mythology and symbolism linked to the Eagle are vast and a good place to start creating modern myths within my imagery.
This painting has been created in many lays of gauche paint and has Orkney symbolism on each layer. Representing the passage of time that seems significant today, as Sea Eagles are said to be reintroduced to Orkney very soon...

This is the image is now available on Etsy as fine Gilicee Prints -
Height: 38 Centimeters
Width: 28 Centimeters
Materials Hahnemuhle Bamboo 290gms acid-free art paper
Any early orders will be greatly appreciated to get a good print run, but initially, the will take three weeks to arrive as I have to get a prototype print done to check the quality. 

Gilicee prints £35 plus postage and packing

 Height: 38 Centimeters Width: 28 Centimeters Materials Hahnemuhle Bamboo 290gms acid-free art paper